• Words of our Elders

    By the time I was growing up you know, the village lifestyle was changing....you know when I was small I did work around the house. Haul wood with dogs, chopped wood, carried water, cooked for the dogs, we always had a dog team. Well, I grew up partly in Old Iliamna Village... Nineteen fifty I moved to Pedro Bay, my dad had a place down the lake in Goose Bay and there was nobody else around, it's kind of hard to live alone so I moved up here. The housing was pretty much like now, you know? Mostly log cabins, log houses. Wow, well in the winter time you had dog team that's the only transportation we had and summer times we had boat, power boats, outboard motors. All the rest of it was walking. No electricity, we carried our water and we had outhouses. --Carl Jensen, Pedro Bay Elder b. 1928

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