Knutson River Hydro Project

Taken from Dena’ina Dirt, Ben’s Enviro Newsletter

Knutson River Trail

Up on Knutson

We have cleared a trail and put in a bridge to the river an up Village Mountain.
Joel and Gary of Polar Consult were here the week of October 11-15. While they were here we installed a flow meter in bedrock on the bank of the river about two miles upstream. This will give us flow readings for one year so that Polar Consult will be able to measure the water flow to see if we have enough head pressure to operate a small hydro electric power station. If all works out, it is possible that we could shut down our diesel generators during the summer months! Clean air and less $$….I know we are all for that!
On the same note there is now access to wood on the trail and a nice trail for hiking.

The Bristol Bay Times – New water treatment plant completed

The Bristol Bay Times – New water treatment plant completed.

Pedro Bay’s own Allen Wasuli is featured in this photo and his workplace is featured in this article from the Bristol Bay Times.

Allen recently received his Water/Waste Water Treatment Certification and was recruited by the city of Dillingham to run their plant.

Read more about waste water and waste water issues at some of the sites posted on our home page.

Nick Hall :: Seasons of Subsistence: Native Life in Bristol Bay

Nick Hall :: Seasons of Subsistence: Native Life in Bristol Bay.

Second Snow

Welcome to November

Returning to the land of White

Brisk Path

Photos taken in and around Pedro on 11/1/10

Handbook of Federal Indian Law

Handbook of Federal Indian Law.


Fine at the fire by Courtney

Fireweed Fish by Keisha

Bay Sky by Keisha

Path of snow by Kiska

Pedro Panorama

Note: We are aware the photos are slightly obscured by the right sidebar. What we aren’t yet aware of is how to remedy the sitch. Stay tuned.
The following are a few photos taken by Kiska Dean Shugak or Valyne Rochelle Shugak last winter. For the full effect of the panoramic view, stay tuned. But for now, enjoy these amazing photos of our beautiful corner of Alaska.

A retro view of Pedro Bay from atop Big Hill. V. Shugak, 2010

A bright snowy day in Pedro. K.Shugak, 2010

Pedro Bay: Now on FB

Verna, Courtney, and several others in the village have started a FB page. It’s a place for Pedro Bay residents (and those from Pedro living outside the village) to keep up on events and leave comments.
Verna has also posted a host of photos from hikes, socials, and pumpkin-carving evenings.
Check it out at livingthevillagelife on Facebook.

A fine night for pumpkin-gouging!

Summer sowing and a recent harvest

This past June and July, the Pedro Bay Summer Youth were engaged in a myriad of activities and projects around the village, from painting and repairing crosses for the graveyard to cutting brush all along the roads and trails. One project that turned out very successfully was their work with the tribal elders, Dolly and George, Carl and Marge, Walter, Mary, and Ron and Roz.

Their work at Roz’s was of particular note because it was documented in photographs and recently uploaded. In addition to working outside, they also helped overhaul the library, removing and deleting old books from the shelves, cleaning, organizing, and making the place ready for the upcoming year.

Take a look at their work and enjoy their camaraderie, and their sense of pride in a job well done!

Osolnik and Henry ETT Certified

Last week Ben Maxon was in Pedro Bay to give First Aid and ETT training to three of our residents. Gil Jacko, Courtney Osolnik and Keisha Henry all underwent the 24-hour training in basic and advanced first aid while Courtney and Keisha took the extra step to become certified Emergency Technicians. The course was short, comparatively speaking, but it provided the village with a great resource: People to come to our aid when–not if, Courtney says–something should happen.

If you are interested in becoming certified, contact Nancy in the Clinic at 850-2229. Trainings are usually once a year.