After a day of trail cutting. By Ben.

After a day of trail cutting. By Ben.

Please use this website as a resource and as a connection to our village. Browse the links and pages in the title menu for information about village happenings, Pebble Watch, environmental updates, tribal membership and other local and regional events.

ABOUT Pedro Bay: We are located on the northeast shores of Iliamna Lake, approximately 175 air miles southwest of Anchorage. Although we are small (45 people, give or take), we have a lot of heart. Although our school was closed last year (due to a lack of enrollment–we had only 9 students), we continue to involve our youth in the culture and everyday makeup of the village.

Pedro is a Dena’ina Village and much of its culture and history is rooted in the ways of the elders. To this day the village comes together to put up fish, construct fish camps and smoke houses, and live as close to subsistence as possible.

The WORDS OF OUR ELDERS can be found on the sidebar throughout the site.


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….proudly protecting our subsistence way of life